and listens to their wishes. He reads books for children, lets them peek at the 'nice and naughty' list, and shares cookies with them. Santa gives every child a special gift to leave with. 

Kids who are a little reluctant at first find themselves giving him big hugs or high fives before they go, and continue to talk about their visit for weeks. 

About You:
Mom and Dad can relax and enjoy this time too. You will be with your child every step of the way. We believe that you deserve your portraits in a timely fashion, especially during the holidays.  

We are big believers in print. 
You'll receive an 11X14 folio box of 6 edited, printed, and matted Storybook photos from the session along with their 6 digital files for personal use.  Everyone loves to hold the prints and see them immediately. The files and the prints both take the same amount of work, so instead of charging you for each separately, you receive both. 

We understand the value of your images for other gifts, and so we deliver final images to you no later than 10 calendar days.


Booking and Visit Information:
A $200 non-refundable deposit is due at the time of booking to reserve your time with Santa, with the balance of $1175 due at the time of your session. 

If you book 2 weeks before your session, your family will receive a letter from Santa, along with a golden ticket inviting you to visit him in his home away from home in historic downtown McKinney, TX. 

Once your family arrives, you and your kids will visit with Santa for 30 minutes, find your names on his 'nice & naughty' list, share some Christmas cookies, and read some of his favorite Christmas stories while we shoot photos for you to cherish. 


Before you leave, Santa and his friends have a couple gifts for your family. Santa has a special bell ornament for you to hang on your tree. His friends have a cookie basket with Christmas cookies from Sweet Clover Cookie Company for you to take home.  


Approximately 10 days later, Santa's friends will let you know that it's time to come pick up your 11x14 folio box filled with your 6 prints and the digital files of those prints. The files are yours to use for social media or for additional prints or gifts for loved ones.  Please consider tagging @debrahelmbergerphotography when sharing on social media.


About Debra:
Debra Helmberger has been in the portrait business for 10 years and has been teaching photography in the public schools for 15 years. Debra has been awarded 8 bronze awards from The Portrait Masters in the last 18 months alone. Debra is using 'the Storybook Look' for the Santa Experience portraits which ultimately gives the photos a timeless finish.


Listed below are all items you can expect with the Storybook Santa session by Helmberger Photography:

  • a letter from Santa with a golden ticket (for those who book 2 weeks prior to their session)

  • a scheduled 30-minute visit to give your little ones time to get to know Santa

  • checking the 'nice & naughty' list, eating cookies with Santa, and story time with Santa

  • a bell ornament for your tree at the end of the session

  • a cookie basket to take home filled with Christmas cookies from Sweet Clover Cookie Company. 

  • 6 Storybook Photos edited in Storybook fashion, printed and matted to display, share, and cherish

  • an 11x14 keepsake folio box to store your printed photos 

  • digital files of your 6 prints for both social media and printing use 

  • and as a thank you, after you receive your keepsake folio box, a porcelain ornament of one your photos and the year printed on the back will be sent to your home 

  • And a promise to keep this experience as simple and relaxing as possible

Storybook Santa

Christmas Magic     Christmas Wonder Christmas Joy





The Storybook Santa exclusive photography session and visit is $135. 

Individual images and products available for purchase separately.

Storybook Santa

Merry Christmas!

We are so happy you are here. 

We believe in slowing down; in taking time to enjoy life's little moments. And that is exactly what our Storybook Santa Sessions are all about.

When everyone is rushing to create those magic Christmas moments, we invite you to come take some cozy time with Santa and for a moment, slow down. And while you do, we'll record the experience for you to share and re-live time and time again. 


Storybook Santa Session Includes:

  • a scheduled 30-minute visit to give your little ones time to get to know Santa

  • checking the 'nice & naughty' list

  • eating cookies with Santa

  • story time with Santa

  • a big Christmas cookie from Sweet Clover Cookie Company to take home

  • a Reveal Session immediately following so that you may choose images and products for purchase

  • And a promise to keep this experience as simple and relaxing as possible 


Part of being seen includes telling your story. This may include a video interview. Your story may be shared on our website and/or social media.

We hope that you will join the We Are Every Woman VIP facebook group. Here, you'll get to see sneak peaks of the other women participating in the project, as well as get to offer support to those thinking still deciding. You'll also see Helmberger Photography announcements before the public.

After all the We Are Every Woman 2020 sessions are completed we'll have a gallery exhibition and party celebrating the beautiful women who participated. You'll be able to invite your family and friends to the celebration and view your portrait on display. 


We are big believers in print.

You will view 10 images from the session and then choose which you wish to purchase. All images and products are sold separately from the photo session. 

The non-refundable session fee for Storybook Santa is $125. This only pays for your time with Santa.  All image and print products are sold separately.

Printed images are $65 each. Collections are created by you from categories of products. Prices vary because you choose what you love. 


The older we get the less we tend to see ourselves represented in media, yet this is the time women begin to know themselves in the most meaningful ways. There's an irony in that, don't you think? 


Let's change the way we are viewed by society and the media by celebrating our beauty, our strength, and our stories through images. 


This is your chance to be seen. Celebrate the fact that age doesn't diminish beauty, but enhances it. 



     "I was nervous about getting my portrait taken because when I look in the mirror I see tired and chubby and sometimes my mom, but not necessarily beauty.

     Once they started doing my hair and makeup I relaxed and had fun because I was being taken care of for once.  Then posing for the camera  added to the fun because I had a feeling that I could conquer the world.  I walked away wanting to bottle up the feeling. 

      I was stunned when I saw the final portrait. I couldn't get over how strong and gorgeous I looked. It was me, but the badass glamorous version that I love. I thought I was the only one who could see the me on the inside."


     "During the session I began to feel empowered. I gained confidence and left feeling a little stronger.

     And then I when I saw the image in person, I was surprised. I became so emotional. I went to the ground with tears in my eyes because the woman in the portrait was stunningly beautiful and I don’t think of myself as beautiful, but it was me."

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