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Quarantined Photo Project


The Quarantined Photo Project is a project to document families in North Texas while practicing social distancing according to the current CDC approved guidelines through photographs.  

There is no charge to participate and participants receive one digital image for printing and sharing through social media. 

Photo sessions last approximately 5 minutes. 


As the photographer, I will document families in isolation on their front porch, in their front doorway,  or through their front window. In doing so, I will create a sort of time capsule of this historical moment.


For those who choose to participate, I will use a zoom lens to create an environmental portrait of your family. I will not come to your front door, but will instead call your cell phone once I arrive outside of your home on the sidewalk.You will gather your family in place so I may document as life is today in these different times.


You will receive one digital image as my gift through a digital download, which you are free to share and print for allowing me to create this work and share it on my website, social media and in printed materials. 






 As a high school yearbook adviser and professional portrait photographer, I am in the business of telling the story of others through words and photographs. Photographs are important and essential in telling our stories and recording events. They give future generations a visual to the people who experienced moments in time and who they were. 


We have never seen anything of this nature in modern times. Dorothea Lange recorded families of the Great Depression. She documented the struggles of families during the 1930s. Today, we are families who are voluntarily staying home to work together to slow down a virus. Most of us are not sick, nor do we have symptoms, but we struggle with the isolation we’ve chosen for the good of the community.


There is no cost to you to participate. All we need is your permission and information so that we may make your story available in both digital and print media. You must sign a model release form and complete a questionnaire before participating. 


I am looking for families in specific neighborhoods who are willing to let me photograph them as part of this documentation. This is a voluntary project.


I will call you when I arrive at your home and wait on the sidewalk. I will never make physical contact with you or your family during quarantine. You decide where you feel most comfortable for me to take these photographs while practicing social distancing. It could be in the open doorway, behind a glass door, behind a window, or on your front porch. It would be lovely to have your entire family participate, but it isn’t necessary. 


I will then send you a high resolution image for printing or sharing through social media. In return, the model release form will give me permission to share the photos on my social media, my website, a gallery exhibit, print media, or any other media of my choosing. 


Questions? Call 469-500-8455 or email:



If your neighborhood is interested in participating, please let us know by having the households in your neighborhood complete the form in the link. 

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